Bound states 2023

Fabrizio Nichele

Fabrizio Nichele studied Physical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, finishing in 2010 with a master thesis on novel routes for the fabrication of graphene field effect transistors and memory cells. He then started the PhD in the group of Klaus Ensslin at ETH Zurich. During his PhD Fabrizio investigated electron transport in two-dimensional hole gases and the InAs/GaSb broken gap quantum well, a proposed topological insulator. After completion of his PhD, in 2014, Fabrizio was awarded the ETH medal for “outstanding thesis work”. In 2014 Fabrizio moved to the University of Copenhagen, in the group of Charles Marcus. He continued working on system with strong spin-orbit interaction, but this time with the new twist of induced superconductivity. From 2014 to 2016 Fabrizio’s work was supported by a Marie Curie Fellowship. In 2016 Fabrizio was appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen and continued his work on topological superconductivity. He also worked as a research consultant for Microsoft Research. In 2018 Fabrizio was awarded the ERC Starting Grant, the most prestigious European grant for a young researcher. Since 2019 Fabrizio is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Zurich, and leads and experimental team focusing on the study of topological phenomena and the physics of superconductors.