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Liliana Arrachea

Professor Arrachea obtained her PhD from Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina in 1995. Following this, her research positions have included Alexander von Humboldt fellow at FU-Berlin and Max Planck Institute, Germany, postdoctoral researcher at SISSA, Trieste, and Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the University of Zaragoza. She has been a Researcher of CONICET Argentina since 1999, Professor at Universidad de La Plata (2008-2019), Professor at University of Buenos Aires since 2007 (on leave since 2016), and Professor at University of San Martín, Argentina since 2016. She has been also visiting Professor at PUC-Rio de Janeiro, Université Paris 7, and Boston University.

Professor Arrachea was awarded Guggenheim Fellow 2010, Simons Associate at ICTP since 2015-2021, and received a Georg-Forster Alexander-von-Humboldt Research Award in 2016. Since 2022 she is member of the Editorial board of Physical Review B.